Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Tax Return Gift (to Myself)

I finally settled on my tax return gift! The very new Coach Kristin Leather Hobo in Aegean (which looks somewhat greener IRL, like the ocean/sea)!!!!

I was looking for a bag similar to my current every day bag (from Forever 21) but from Coach so that it would last a long time! I had a few things that it needed to be like, and this bag is pretty much on the spot!

1. Cute (this one is more sleek and retro than cute, but I like it)
2. Not too big, not too small.
3. Comfy/wide shoulder strap.
4. Perfect length/comfy cross body strap, that looks ok without removing it.
5. In a neutral color (so I totally messed up on this one, but I decided that at that price, and with it's simplicity I'd do well to get a fun color...I don't usually adhere to seasonal colors anyway).

So other than #5 this has all the things I was looking for, so basically all the essential things since although I always say I want a brown or black bag I am loathe to waste my splurge on something so boring...I don't get to get a Coach bag every day so I want to make it count!

The reason for #4 is that with a wild toddler I often need to have both hands free without having to worry about my bag falling down to the crook of my arm and as such I need the cross body strap to still look fine while still attached but not in use since I don't like to wear it cross body when I don't HAVE to (which also ruled out all cross body only bags) since it's not very cute, and definitely a stereotypical "mom look".

I was also impressed by how much room it has, considering it's not at all a huge bag. It's by no means small either though, just the right size! Fits all my stuff comfortably, with a little extra room and doesn't get all lumpy with everything in it.

All in all this bag is really lovely, and the kind of classic "won't go out of style" bag that I go for when I get something pricey. I love the somewhat retro look (the clasp is supposed to be Art Deco inspired) and just how sleek and sophisticated it is. I definitely like a bag that helps me look like an adult, but is still fun. Yes, I am only 25 but I want something that shows that I am a mature 25 haha!

The great thing is that I had the 25% off coupon for the VIP sale, which on such a big ticket item (for me) is essential. I definitely feel better paying for it when I have a good deal! Of course the only downside is California's stupid nearly 10% tax, but at least it was slightly less painful with the coupon. Tax always hurts the most when you are buying an expensive item...

Now all I have to do is save up to get the matching (medium) wallet!

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