Sunday, March 27, 2011

Poshe Quick Dry Top Coat

My bottle of Seche Vite is still 1/3 full, but I could barely get what was in there. Frustrated, I decided to try Poshe's quick dry top coat since it got many reviews comparing it's bottle favorably versus Seche's. After using it I definitely agree, I like the brush much more and it nearly reaches the bottom (which will cause it to avoid my issue with Seche's bottle) and for application it seemed softer and wider.

Now I just have to test it's wear etc. as I'd seen some reviews saying it peeled/chipped easily, and since i'd never had that issue with Seche Vite I'd have to go back to it if it proves true. So far so good though, but I haven't even had it on for 12 hours yet, so...I hope it continues like this! Also the drying time is on par with Seche Vite, so no complaints there. I think as long as it doesn't peel or chip and has the same wear as Seche Vite then I'll keep buying it instead from here on out.

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