Friday, June 10, 2011

Blush & Eyeshadow Hiatus

I've come to a realization that I can only have so much blush and eyeshadow. I have 3 things on my wishlist right now, 2 of which are blushes. I think after I get those I am going to have reached critical mass on blushes. Yes, I use blush every single day but I also have like 20 of them that I've hoarded in a pretty short amount of time. There are really only several colors of blush I can pull off: pink, rose, peach and coral. How many shades of that do I need? They mostly look similar being worn anyway. I have a wonderful coral already (Milani Corallina) but I still need a nice peachy one which are the last 2 I want on my list. I think after that I'll have PLENTY of shades of blush to choose from. Heck, I already do.

Then since I got the Urban Decay Naked palette last night, I honestly don't actually need more eyeshadow. I only really wear neutral colors now, and I use such a small amount of brighter colors that my existing collection should really cover it. So really, how many neutral colors do I need? I even have plenty more neutral colors than in the Naked palette that I had previously. Similarly with the blush, how many variations on a theme do I need to have?

Anybody else feel like that too?

That's not to say that I won't still have beauty related things to post, I just think I need to cool it on the hoarding for a while! I'm also not saying I'll never buy another eyeshadow or blush again of course. So stay tuned~.

EDIT- Ok, maybe I will stick with blush a little longer, but I am holding my ground on eyeshadow for now. If I get another one it'd have to be AMAZING and I can't really say what would be that amazing now that I have plenty of neutrals... I just feel that sometimes I have too many things on my want list that I just forget about the things I already got. And I am not rich, I can't just buy and buy, I want to be a little bit more frugal while still getting things I want.


  1. I feel the same way. I am actually much worse too! I have probably close to 40 blushes, maybe more... Maybe 150 eyeshadows. Ugh lol.

  2. @ JC - The sick thing about the blushes with me though is that I've only "discovered" blush a couple months ago!

    I'll never come close to that with eyeshadow though haha. For one thing I've never been huge on eyeshadow to begin with. I have some Dior palettes, this, Wet n Wild color icon palettes and a few misc. things and that's basically it.

  3. Tammie! You're killing me! You can never have enough BLUSH! I don't care if you have 50, you still wouldn't have enough...*hrrmmph*

    I do get what you mean about the Naked palette tho. It pretty much fulfills my neutral eye needs, except maybe for taupe, but still, I haven't bought any neutrals since I got mine.


  4. @ Tania - Well, we'll see how I feel after I get the last 2 on my list currently. I am sure in the future there will be another blush I want, moreso than eyeshadow though. I loooove blush, I am just meh about eyeshadow in general and just want to stick with neutral so I am fine with my Naked palette.

  5. That's the point of a collection - you have lots of things because you want to have them not because you need them :-)

  6. @ Atqa - True, I guess I am trying to do this more to save money though. Of course there are SOOOO many things I want, but I can't afford a lot so it's better for me to pick and choose certain products.

    Blush I may keep collecting but I am pretty sure I am good with eyeshadow for now since I only really like neutrals anyway.

  7. Tammie!
    You should take a peek at my blog...<3