Thursday, June 30, 2011

Recently Hauled Goodies (MAC, NYX and more)

Recently I've been on a lipstick kick. I know I said that before but this time I've really gotten into it. I know what colors I like and what colors I can pull off and I don't find most lipsticks too drying. I was looking for a great reddish coral which is apparently very wearable for me, so when I saw this lipstick I knew I had to get it. Luckily that day my local MAC store just got in a big shipment so I picked it up that night :). It was so very worth it, it's a surprisingly wearable color that isn't TOO red or TOO orange. Also I love the tube, at first I was leery about the collection's packaging but it does look really nice. It has a very nice weight to it and it's pretty cute.

I also got a couple of NYX round lipsticks to try, I like them quite a bit although now that I am trying to stick to high-end makeup more I am not sure how many more I will get...maybe I will just get crazy colors I won't wear much but want to have for fun from NYX or something :). Anyways I got Haute Melon and Shiva, surprisingly Haute Melon is very wearable despite it looking quite orange. But worn it truly is a cantaloupe shade on me. Pink enough that it doesn't look strange. Shiva is a blue toned fuchsia with a blue flash, very nice and also very wearable at least for me. I think if you are afraid of brights either wear it very lightly or stay away.

I'd also heard that Sinful Colors' new summer collection "Adventure Island" had a few dead-on dupes for OPI's "Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" collection. From what I saw they are the same, but personally I don't have the OPI ones to compare it to. The formula is great and the wear time is great so at $2 you really can't go wrong here unless you have a strong moral objection. However I found that I didn't really want to pay close to $9 for straight cremes and since I already got the color from OPI I wanted most, this was the best way to get the stragglers.

Star Fish is the dupe for Sparrow Me The Drama
Seaweed is the dupe for On Stranger Tides
Verbena is the dupe for Planks a Lot


  1. Hibiscus is a gorgeous color, not sure why I haven't been wearing it all that much.

    Love the haul--Haute Melon and Shiva are to die for.

  2. @ JC - Honestly I've only worn it twice myself so far, it's lovely but it's still a little bold to wear all the my next post you'll see my true lipstick loves haha.

    Thanks :). I do love them a lot, I knew I'd love Shiva but Haute Melon was a shot in the dark and I am really glad I took the chance with it. Amazing summer color.

  3. The nail polish colours look so nice. I've not tried the NYX round lipsticks yet, I have 2 jumbo eye pencils and a lipgloss and the latter is great for just over a $1.

    Great haul :D

  4. @ Carla - They are! I love muted/grayed pastels so I really loved those 3! I wore them all at once with China Glaze Atlantis on the accent nail as the "water".

    I have a couple of the jumbo eye pencils too but they just slide right off my lids even with primer :(. The round lipsticks make up for it though, they are very nice. I got them in a lot off of eBay for a good price and I will get more in the future if there are any colors I want to try :)