Friday, July 8, 2011

What's In My Purse(s)?

Here are some awful pictures of my stuff that I took at 1am! I just wanted to post something like this, and didn't feel like taking the time to get good pictures since it's not like you guys need color accuracy or anything here! Hope it doesn't look too bad though~.

Anywho, on to my stuff!

Here is everything minus the things in my makeup bag:

Here are the things I keep in the front flap of my purse (Tokidoki brush/mirror, Tocca lipgloss, Burt's Bees tinted lip balm, Smith's Rosebud salve and Nivea smoothing lip balm):

Here is all the medicine stuff etc. I keep in the zipper pocket inside my purse (inhaler, allergy medication, DayQuil, $OPI hand sanitizer spray, eye drops, key to my mom's house and checkbook):

These are the things in the main compartment of my bag...all the small items go in the 2 open pockets (Clinique makeup bag, Coach wallet, tissues, car/house/work keys, lipstick, MAC P&P lips, 2x Clinique Chubby Sticks, chewing gum, compact mirror and compact comb):

Contents of my small makeup bag (Clinique blush/eyeshadow compact, Clinique double ended lipgloss/stick, Essence concealer stick, Tarte tinted lip balm, Palladio tinted lip balm, NailTek nail file, Sephora portable eyelash/brow groomer, pen, Burt's Bees cuticle cream and Tweezerman mini slanted tweezer):

Bonus - My weekend bag contents (Coach mini wallet, Clinique Chunky Cherry Chubby Stick, Nivea smoothing lip balm, Smith's Rosebud salve, lipstick, keys, chewing gum, inhaler, compact mirror and compact comb).

There you have it! What do you guys find essential to keep in your bag?

Only the things in my "weekend bag" are my essentials, in my normal purse I keep a lot of things for "just in case" while I am at work.


  1. That's such a cute Coach purse! I want a new purse but I don't think I'll be buying one anytime soon, unless I get one for my birthday, which I highly doubt...
    Tammie, what happened to trying to streamline what you carry in your purse? You have like a bagillion lip balms/lipsticks in there!

  2. @ Tania - Thanks! If you DO get a purse, consider one like mine (Kristen), it's the perfect size and has the most comfy strap ever! I wasn't so sure about it to begin with but once I tried it on in store I was in love.

    This IS streamlined for me lol...before I had a huge makeup bag with tons of lipgloss (would have been lipstick too if I was into it then) and I'd keep my blush in there (this was before I started collecting blush). At least I have different reasons for different lip balms :P Like the Rosebud is to remove sticky lip gloss, the Nivea is if I don't want to use my MAC P&P lol. Honestly I forgot I had those tinted lip balms in there I probably don't need them since I don't use them...I should take them out xDD.