Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Etude House Follow Me Lip Tint in Passion Pink

I've been trying to get into Asian makeup lately just because it's so cute and fun and the quality is usually very nice! Mostly I've been getting blush and lipstick since I am not that into eyeshadow (yeah, yeah) and I feel like my collection is pretty much complete in that dept.

I wanted to get into Japanese makeup at first, however it can be rather expensive and for my budget it's sadly not worth the gamble, especially if I can't swatch it...and for the price of some of the Japanese lipsticks I could get more of my beloved Dior or Guerlain lipsticks!

So my solution? Get more Korean makeup! Etude House makes very affordable makeup that even marked up 50% on eBay is still very reasonable (I think this lipstick was maybe $5 retail, I paid about $10). Maybe in the future I will try ordering a bunch at once on gmarket, but right now this is good since I only want to get a couple things now and then!

Anyhow, on to the actual product review!

This is the Etude House Follow Me Lip Tint in Passion Pink, apparently this line is promoted by a Korean girl group...I don't know anything about that but I just thought it deserved mentioning if you like Korean music! This lip tint (I hesitate to really call it a lipstick, or even a balm) has a really pretty minty sort of blue color as a bullet, but when you put it on your skin it turns into the prettiest fuchsia! It basically does the same thing as Dior Addict Glow, but Follow Me has the added benefit of the blue to fuchsia contrast for fun, the pink is brighter, and is a lighter formula, not to mention less than half the price. Depending on how many swipes you do you can either have a subtle pink glow, or a pop of bright fuchsia! Also it has a really nice glossy look which lasts a decent amount of time considering the slip and consistency of the product. One thing I really really really love about this product though is that it STAINS your lips really well and lasts awesomely through eating, sleeping, brushing your teeth...whatever! Seriously, I put this on last night around 8pm or so, and this morning my lips were still pink!

As for the packaging, it's not the heaviest but it's simple and cute and does it's job! The bullet fits perfectly in the tube, no rattling. I heard people say it is cheap and boring but I think it's cute enough, and you can't really complain about something feeling cheap when it's from a budget brand!

This may actually end up being one of the very very few (so far, none) items that I will get a backup for just because it's so wonderful and handy for when you want a pop of color that brightens your face and requires no fuss!


  1. that looks like a really pretty colour :) I love that its blue and then turns pink!

  2. @charlene-ann It really is! It's fun how it's blue first, there are lots of other clear to pink ones, but this is cooler haha!