Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Guerlain Rouge Automatique 167 Guet Apens

167 Guet Apens is the most recent Guerlain Rouge Automatique I've gotten and also the darkest. However it's a very nice reddish berry pink on my lips, even though the bullet looks pretty dark. Also the bullet appears to have some very fine shimmer, which you don't really see translated well to the lips, but I don't mind since I don't like overly sparkly/shimmery lips right now anyway.

While it's probably better suited for fall I feel like this color is still bright enough for me to pull off while it's still summer and pretty much year round. I love this color because it's so very versatile and it's not as bright as some of them can be (such as Shalimar for instance, at least if you do more than one layer).

I really think that overall Guerlain Rouge Automatique are the best lipstick for me due to the wonderful luxe creamy feel of the formula, the lasting power, the perfect midground of opacity and sheerness and of course the design of the tube although I often get some lipstick on it while applying due to the shape, I still love the nifty one-hand application with it and the neat little gimmick of the slider. I also really like the touch of it saying "Guerlain" on the plastic holding the bullet in place rather than laser etched into the bullet itself since it won't get smudged or used up.


  1. What a beautiful color! It looks lovely on you!!!

  2. @ Elvira - Thanks! I'm glad that even though it looked scary I took the chance and got it~.

  3. @charlene-ann - yes, I love it! It's vampy but not TOO vampy :)