Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Burberry Rosewood Eyeshadow Single

I think I have found the perfect everyday, nude eyeshadow and her name is Burberry rosewood. Just the right amount of shimmer, not too light not too dark...a beautiful cooler taupe with a subtle hint of rose to it. Applying it was so nice, it was so smooth and soft...I just wanted to apply it all day! Of course that would be silly and wasteful, but it sure did feel nice going on! 

This eyeshadow is a must have because it is a no brainer for days when you want a nude look or just don't know what eyeshadow to go with. Aside from using it as an overall lid color it's great for my favorite "safe" way of adding color to my eye look. I just use a taupe base and put a bit of the colorful stuff on the outside corner, a touch of color to make things interesting, but I don't feel like Mimi from the Drew Carey show!

Although this shadow is pricey (well, it is Burberry after all) I don't think the value is too bad because this color is just so useful that it won't go to waste gathering dust in the back corner of your makeup storage. Also, it's a bit larger and only a couple bucks more than say, a NARS single...so even though it's fancy shmancy it's not really too over the top price wise. Not to mention the quality of the compact vs. NARS, whereas NARS' compact is a black matte plastic this is a VERY reflective (and surprisingly not very fingerprint attracting) gunmetal. It's metal too, not just painted plastic and has a generous mirror. It also has a nifty magnetic closure that isn't too weak and isn't too strong, it feels very secure but you won't pull anything opening the thing. Like most high end cosmetics it also comes in a cute velvet sleeve, printed with the same signature Burberry tartan as the powder and the top of the compact.

I can't wait to try more colors in this range, pretty much everything is mature and wearable! My only wish is that they'd come out with some palettes some day, it's pretty painful to have to pay for a bunch of singles here. I'm really starting to get addicted to the Burberry beauty range, I've tried the lipglosses which I also love and next I want to try a blush! I really can't recommend this line enough, especially for girls and women who want a more sophisticated/refined look or who work at a conservative job but still want to hoard everything in site! 

My only wish is that this would be easier to get, as it's only at 8 Nordstrom stores nationwide, but never fear the collection is online as well with free shipping and returns! It sucks you can't swatch things in store, but at least if you don't like it you can just pop into your Nordstrom and return it easily enough (or send it back if you don't live near any Nordstroms).


  1. MMM I'm a sucker for high end brands.....

    Didn't know burberry had a makeup line!
    Must look into now! hahaha

  2. @Hana - Me too haha...they are so pretty~.

    The Burberry makeup line is pretty new, you should definitely get some if you get a chance, apparently the closest place to you that carries it is the Nordstrom in South Coast Plaza, in NorCal we only have it at Stanford Shopping Center and in one in SF. But you can look at reviews and order from Nordstrom online :)

  3. Need this shadow!

    Oh and gave you a blog award too - http://chloeblue2005.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/i-have-been-lucky-enough-to-be.html#comment-form

  4. @ Jac - Damn straight you do!

    Aww thanks :)

  5. I SO love the look of Burberry's makeup, the shades are just lovely:)

    The Blossom Shed - scent, style, skin.

  6. @ Blossom - Seriously, pretty much everything from Burberry Beauty is a gorgeous "wearable" shade.