Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dior Spring 2012 Garden Party Eyeshadow Quints

Initially I wrote off these eyeshadows as being too colorful for me, but boy was I wrong. I mean, they are pretty colorful but they are not over the top and are perfect for Spring. I know some people are sick of pastels, but I am certainly not one of them. I got Garden Roses first and fell in love and had to get Garden Pastels even though I don't usually wear most of those shades. The colors are just so pretty and feminine that  although I usually stick to neutrals/taupes I just couldn't resist these palettes!  I love all the colors, but I think each palette has it's "star" color. In Garden Roses it's the purple in the middle, which is the perfect shade and has a lovely blue sheen. In Garden Pastels it's the blue-green with the golden sheen.

The finish is just so pretty, it's a shimmer of course, but it looks like a delicate sheen rather than sparkle city. But if you hate shimmer then these still really aren't for you at all. I love the formula for these shadows, very thin/soft yet pigmented so it "melts" right into your skin, and you only need to use a bit to get full opacity.

The only downside is that eventually with use the pretty embossed rose design will disappear, thankfully the colors are beautiful anyway so it's not that bad, and the rose design is pretty high so it will take a while before they disappear completely.

The bottom line is that if you like the colors and you like an interesting and unique shimmer you'll be needing to pick these up. BOTH of them.

Garden Roses

Garden Pastels


  1. omg, they're so pretty T____T

  2. @ Jen - They are so lovely~. I am not even a bit eyeshadow person but I had to have them both as soon as I swatched them x_x