Friday, February 3, 2012

BLOG SALE! Tons of Blush and a Naked Palette!!!

SO! I've finally decided to try and thin my collection a bit...we'll see if I can bear to do more later but for now this is it...things that I paid good money for but barely touch. I like to feel like I have any shade for any occasion but I am now realizing that all I ever use any more is my high end stuff (Chanel, Dior and Burberry mostly) so having all this excess feels even more wasteful! Also I want to get more high end stuff haha. 

Click To Enlarge:


Tarte blushes - $20 each (Sold: Peaceful, Tipsy, Natural Beauty)
Milani baked blushes - $5 each, $20 for the set
Armani lipstick - $25
MAC blushes - $15 each
Sula blush - $5
Lovely:EX blush - $7
Blush w/ pouf (Japanese) - $7
Canmake cream blush - $10
Naked palette - $40
Stila color changing blush - $15

Email me at grimrock @ (remove the spaces) for any questions about shades, pricing, etc. as well as regarding shipping. I'll ship anywhere in the world.

Everything is in barely used condition, some of the Tarte blushes don't even looked used (though they all were at least once). I don't have anything here to sterilize them and though I promise I used them hygienically I suggest using some sort of sterilization method when you receive the item.