Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hard Candy Glossaholic Lipgloss in Gorgeous

I heard that this Hard Candy Glossaholic lipgloss had flakies in it so I had to try it even though I recently realized I hate glitter lipgloss (well pretty much anything with glitter, I love shimmer though).

The flakie shimmer is very funky and unique, but I don't think I will purchase this stuff again as it's the first lipgloss I've ever worn that has had glitter migrate like crazy, and it's stuck to you like glue too. It got all over my chin, then my neck/chest, then my son, then my husband. It got on to my husband FROM my son, not from me kissing him by the way.

My only regret is that I didn't get the "Chill Out" one because it has these crazy blue flakies, but I decided to not get it in addition to "Gorgeous" (I only saw "Chill Out" after I got "Gorgeous") because of my eternal hatred of glitter even though in theory I like it I know it'll turn into a big mess.

I am not saying people shouldn't get this stuff, or it's bad. It's not sticky but it does have a chemically sweet taste but if you like flavored gloss the taste is not unusual, I am just picky. I think if you happen to be at a Walmart or are doing a Hard Candy haul you should go for it since it's unique, or if you are a lover of glitter lip gloss.

Excuse my gigantic nose closeup and focus on the flakie effect on my lips! Click the picture for better detail.

Benefit B.Right Sampler Kit

Lately I've really been trying to take better care of my face, using a nice face wash every evening and using moisturizer. I was just using whatever moisturizer which was laying around, a Clinique one that I got in a GWP a while back...but it did pretty much nothing at all for the dry patches on my face, which are really quite dry and flaky. I got this little Benefit b.Right sampler kit at the Benefit counter at Macy*s to try out, it was $12 and 2 of the containers are glass so I figured if it was as fail at least I have a couple cute bottles!

I think my favorite out of the bunch (and as it seems, most peoples') is the "Refined Finish Facial Polish" as it seems to have the most obvious effect. It's also the best exfoliator I've used in that you can feel it working but your face isn't raw afterwards. Generally if my face wasn't raw in the past the exfoliator wasn't very effective anyway.

I really like both of the moisturizers, the "Triple Action Facial Emulsion" is very nice and lightweight while the "Total Moisture Facial Cream" (in the pot) is thick and luxurious. I think the Emulsion is best suited for day while the Cream is better for night. I don't want to get them all because they are on the pricey side (except for the Polish, which is actually a decent deal), but I might end up doing so as they both have their merits for different times of day...and I can't really see myself using one at the other time of day. Both of them eliminate my dry patches all day long, I only apply the Emulsion in the morning and the Cream at night.

Busy, busy.

Sorry I haven't been updating as much as usual, the past couple weeks have been quite busy and tiring due to my company's office moving but I am hoping to get back on track very soon, I have a lot of makeup I want to talk about!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Contents Of My Helmer

Just a quick summary of what's in my new Helmer from IKEA:

Blushes (except for my new ones from this weekend)

Lip products

Eye products

Bottom 3 drawers are all polishes :).

Milani Baked Blushes in Rose D'or and Luminoso

I had a bit of a coupon for CVS so I figured I might as well pick up the remaining Milani baked blushes I wanted from there (the other 2 I want they don't carry, I need to get them from Walgreen's). This time I got Rose D'oro and Luminoso, both very pretty! Pictures can tell a thousand words, and since I already raved about the formula previously, just take a look (don't forget to click to enlarge the picture for detail):

Left to right: Rose D'oro and Luminoso

Front to back: Rose D'oro and Luminoso

Chanel Le Vernis Morning Rose

This was one of my mother's day gifts, I'd been wanting it ever since I first saw it but I couldn't plunk down $24 for it. Mother's day turned out to be the perfect excuse :p. I love love love it, so squishy and cute and my favorite color combo right now, pink and gold! I love that the pink is a tinge coral, makes it much more interesting!! These pictures aren't the best as I took them in overcast light, please click the pictures to enlarge so you can see the sparklies :)

Since I broke a nail last week I just chopped all of them for now. I like short better than long, but I have to grow them out a little and just keep it at that length, this is just a bit too short/stubby for me.

My only issue is that the printing on the bottle is on it with a STICKER. Considering even the dollar store polishes can manage to print on the bottle I have to wonder what CHANEL was's just so was even bubbling on the bottom already!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Too Faced Mirror Mirror Gloss

So you got a little peek of Damn I'm Hot in a previous post...the tube anyway. Well, it's pretty hard to capture it on the lips since it just adds the faintest wash of red but I got Envy Me today, which is a grape purple that shows up a bit more on the lips. It looks pretty intense in the tube but since it's so sheer on the lips you just get a nice plummy wash (more like prune though).

The formula of the Mirror Mirror Gloss is very nice, not sticky at all but sticks to your lips for a long time (hours) and stays at a high shine for a long time as well. It also has some antioxidants in it but honestly how much are you really getting here...but I guess it can't hurt to have it! I also like that it has a slanted tip applicator rather than a brush or doe foot since I am lazy like that sometimes!

All in all I love this stuff, I got it for about $6 at Nordstrom Rack although the full price is a bit more than twice that much. Not sure if i could pay full price after getting such a good deal on it, but I think it's worth the full price if you can't find it on sale. It's very nice indeed and a rather large tube as well.

Can you guess which finger I broke a nail on? :(

Milani Baked Blushes + 3D Glitzy Glamor Gloss

Finally I am getting around to updating, jeez! Finally got back into the groove. I guess I wasn't feeling it for a little while, I couldn't think of where to start!

I love these goodies from Milani so I wanted to spread the love...the lip glosses, not so much (not that they are bad), but I definitely want to talk a bit about the blushes. I don't actually have any high-end blushes to compare them to, but the pigmentation and lasting power is amazing. A little goes a long way, and lasts me the whole day! The glosses are not bad, the effect is nice but the glitter is a bit gritty. These are nice when you want your lips to sparkle and pop :). Ok, but back to the blush...amaaaazing. I have 3 colors; Corallina, Pink Dolche and Berry Amore. Corallina is my favorite, it's a bright coral that is just pink enough and has such a pretty shimmer. Pink Dolce is a baby/candy pink with gold shimmer which is something I love love LOVE. Berry Amore is a darker color, even though it's called berry and looks berry in the pan. Weird, but it's a nice color anyway :).

As usual, please click on the pictures to enlarge for all the detail!

Corallina blended on my cheek with my finger.

Heavy swatches in different light to show the color/sparkles. Front to back: Corallina, Berry Amore and Pink Dolce.

Front to back: Corallina, Pink Dolce, Berry Amore.

Opposite of the previous pic :).

Swatch of the lip glosses. Left to Right: In Vogue, Fashion Diva. Fashion Diva is the one to get if you had to choose only one. Definitely the neatest in the line minus Movie Star which is pretty impossible to find in a store.

OPI Silver Shatter + Mermaid Tears (Special Guest Too Faced Mirror Mirror Lip Gloss)

At long last I've finally got my OPI Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides polishes! I only got 2 so far though, of course I got Silver Shatter and naturally I got Mermaid Tears. Next time I'll get Sparrow Me The Drama and that's it, none of the other colors really wowed me in person. I was already wanting Silver Shatter a lot, but I actually like it even more than I was expecting when I put it over Mermaid Tears, it's just the perfect combo!

Silver Shatter, Mermaid Tears
Too Faced Mirror Mirror Lip Gloss in Damn I'm Hot

A couple pictures of the combo on my nails. I really like it. Silver Shatter is much better than black shatter in my opinion. Less bold and "punk".