Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Blusher OR202

Ok, I am trying to chip away at my drafts little by little...and soon I will do the top 5 summer products I just have to think which are my favorite since I love so many!! So anyway, right now I am going to try and pump out as many of these small posts as I can!

Allons-y everybody :).

After having a nice dinner at the Korean food court I wanted to browse The Face Shop...some things in there are a bit pricey, but the Lovely Me:Ex line is pretty decent, lip gloss is $5 and the blush is $11. I am not sure if there is anything else in the collection, or how much it is though. OR202 is a very nice tangerine blush that I am not sure why I can pull off. I am in love with peach/tangerine blushes right now, even though I am very cool toned and I can't wear anything near an orange on my lips (except for MAYBE the very special melon or coral).

I really like the packaging for this line with the girls on each item. There are a few different girls too. Very cute. I also like how for the blushes the little window is different sizes for different colors, just makes it more interesting.

The powder is very finely milled although if you take too much it can be a little chalky, but it's really good for the price. However the size and shape of the powder is a bit small, but I kind of find it a good thing since when I swipe my brush on the powder it comes off as a strip which helps it apply in just the right spot!

I love this stuff, next time I go to have Korean food I will definitely pick up another color.


  1. OMG what is the face shop and where is it? What other brands do they sell? !!

  2. Tania - It's a Korean cosmetics/skin care brand...they only sell The Face Shop stuff there. It's in the Galleria complex (go in through the food court) on El Camino, right next to Lawrence.

  3. Tania - Oh and it's either in Sunnyvale or Santa Clara...not sure.

    PS. It's kind of but not really similar to Skin Food. At least the shops look almost the same inside lol.