Monday, September 12, 2011

MAC Blush in Stunner (MAC Me Over Collection)

Usually I tend to go for brighter blushes, but something about MAC Stunner blush drew me in, I guess in part because of the fact that I usually get bright blushes...sometimes I just want to brighten up my face a bit without it being too obvious!

This color is actually nicely pigmented, but is a light color...don't be deceived by how it swatches (on my arm it looks much darker and more orange than it really is). It's a really awesome blush that is great for when you want a very natural look or if you want to go with a really bold eye or lip look. It's shimmery but not overly so, just enough to refract light in a flattering way and also give a little highlighting.

I am not sure how nice this would look on somebody significantly darker than I am since it's a light color, it might look a bit chalky. But I highly recommend this blush to my fellow pasty ghostly gals! I think every one of you need to get this blush before it's gone since it's LE.


  1. That's so pretty! I honestly regret not picking this up, but I was determined to stick to my ban. :( Now it's sold out, so sad.

  2. @ JC - Do you want me to see if any MAC stores in my area have it in stock, then I can ship it to you? I know shipping to Hawaii is bad so that would jack up the price a bit, but if you don't mind it I'm all for it, I help out my buddy get stuff she can't get in Australia.

    Because this really is a pretty blush, and I really want you to have it xD. Let me know if you want me to do it for ya.

  3. ugh crap now I want it... thats a good idea to have a couple blush colors for a quick pick me up. Thats what I love about Well Dressed, I never have to think about placement, just slap it on and go.

  4. This is on my 'to-buy' list despite not needing any blushes- it looks like, pardon the pun, a little stunner!

  5. @ Mercedes - If you can find it get it! It's such a pretty and functional color.

    Yeah, that's what I like about Stunner...don't have to worry too much but really makes you glow!

    @ emmabovary - Buy it ASAP before you can't find it again! It's really a Stunner :). If I my want list wasn't a mile long I'd pick up a backup.

  6. I love Stunner. It really is a nice blush, perfect for work.
    Are you getting anything from Posh Paradise? I missed out on Half Wild and Imaginary online and I don't think I'll be able to make it to my MAC counter on Thursday. :(

  7. @ Tania - Yeah, I just love it <3.

    I am not going to get anything from Posh Paradise, I am not into paint pots (although I'd like to try a cream...but I heard the frosts don't last long on oily lids) nor do I want their lipstick right now (and I am not really into matte lipstick).

    Hopefully you will be able to find it when they restock, just keep calling them~.