Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Beauty Diary Sheet Masks - Black Pearl & Bulgarian White Rose

My current skin obsession is these My Beauty Diary sheet masks (from Taiwan). Basically they are some sort of fiber mask (not just paper, they are pretty thick and tough) soaked with serum that have eye, nose and mouth holes that you put over your face and let sit for 30 minutes. They have tons of serum in them so you can use the discarded mask to rub extra on your face/neck/decollete or wherever before you toss it.

I am totally in love with these things and the price point is very decent as well. At my local Asian (but mostly Chinese) grocery store these run $12.99 and you get 10 masks. The box instructs you to use the mask 2-3 times a week, I do it 3 times. If you follow their directions you should be able to get a month's use from one box plus some overlap to buy a new one. However I have bought 2 so I can alternate, and if you want them to do different things you may want to use different ones each time.

I am mostly looking for whitening which is why I chose these 2 as I heard they were the best for that, and from my experience it is true. The very first time I used Black Pearl it lightened some discoloration at the corners of my mouth. It's not completely gone (yet) but that's why I'm keeping up with the masks since I am hoping over time they can help completely or at least prevent further discoloration!

Black Pearl:
Bulgarian White Rose:



    I BOUGHT some while I was in Norcal... since I still haven't been able to find them in socal...

    but amazing!

  2. @Hana - You can order them off of Amazon when you're in SoCal if you want, they are pretty much the same price :).