Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Feeling Luxe Lately

I've really been into high end lipstick lately, I feel like you get the most luxe experience out of them compared to the other items in the lines. I just can't bring myself to pay for those things...yet...but the feeling I get from applying fancy lipstick out of a fancy tube can't be beat! And formula-wise too I think they've really spoiled me since they are just amazing!

So far this one is my favorite (and my newest) Guerlain Rouge Automatique in Shalimar (166). It goes on like a balm but provides the right amount of coverage and lasting ability as well as a slight shine (although not quite as shiny as Dior Dior Addict), it also feels nearly weightless on the lips. I love that there is no cap to have to worry about, and best of all (well ok the color and formula is best) it SMELLS LIKE ROSES. Not overly perfumed like some rose-scented cosmetics tend to be, very nice and subtle!

This lipstick is just wonderful. I love the tube too, so easy to use and I loooove that it's art deco!! Retro items are my absolute favorite. This just can't be beat. I am sure once I get a Rouge G I'll love it too, but nothing can beat the ease of use of this one. Just wonderful and luxurious just like it should be.

Next up we have probably the most normal lipstick of the bunch Chanel Rouge Allure in Insolente. I still love it but it's a more traditional "dry"/opaque lipstick. The color is just beautiful (and fun, and youthful) and of course it has a luxe, fun tube. You push in the gold bit at the end, and up pops the tube with the lipstick! I love the simplicity of the "cap" just shiny black with the white chanel at the bottom. Very classy as expected from Chanel. I just love that I can have fun with this color, but still feel classy!

Up until I got my Guerlain Rouge Automatique these Dior Dior Addict lipsticks were my favorite. They come in a close second though, and there are still more colors I want. They are moist, shiny and last for a shockingly long time with or without a primer. Very buttery (although not quite as much as the Guerlain) they slide on lips smoothly almost like a balm. But of course a balmy lipstick is 1000x better than even the best tinted lip balm, unless you are going for a very sheer look. These feel luxurious and comfy when they are on.

The packaging for these are a little more juvenile and much simpler than the Guerlain and Chanel but they are still fun and I love the opalescent sheen of color on the cap. It's a little hefty, but it doesn't take up that much more space in my bag than any other lipstick. These feel a bit more "my age" in that they aren't as sophisticated looking, but they are supposed to be the "fun" lipsticks so I am not surprised.

The first one here is Show, a Sephora exclusive color. It's a fuchia/magenta sort of color, but since it's rather sheer it's not super bright and is very wearable even for every day. I really love it because I love bright lipsticks but sometimes I don't want to go too overboard.

This next one is Diorkiss which is the one that Kate Moss wears in all promos for this line (and I think maybe other Dior-related promos). Originally I thought this was a Sephora exclusive as well since it was placed with those but now I don't think so...I saw it at Nordstrom too.

I had a hard time capturing this lipstick properly in my pictures, it is actually a very wearable muted/mauvy/rosey pink that depending on the light can look a little bright. It's my favorite "every day" color for when I don't feel like wearing bright lips. I just can't do boring lips, this is literally the most muted I will go!

The best picture I can get of how Diorkiss looks on me is this silly pic I took:


  1. the rouge automatique looks gorgeous... It's on my wishlist!

  2. @ Líria - Good choice! It's absolutely wonderful :).

  3. I'm in love with Chanel RA it's very moisturizing to me.
    Dior Addict is surprisingly good, super hydrating. I recently got Taffetas and Beige Dandy. I keep forgetting to post my review of the two. I'll probably do it sometime this week.

    Love the last pic! :*

  4. @ Tania - I only wore it once so maybe I was having a bad lip day.... Looking forward to see your review, I love the Dior Addicts so maybe I'll add the ones you got to my list (I already have 2 more on it though haha).

    Hehe thanks :). I was just being silly with my phone but it turned out to be the most color accurate picture.