Thursday, July 7, 2011

NOTD: Essie Super Bossa Nova

I had $3.50 off at CVS so I decided to get another Essie polish since I have recently decided I love their formula...there were some lip glosses I wanted to try too but I am really trying hard here to stick to my "no drugstore cosmetics so I can get more high-end stuff" rule! Nail polish is not included in that rule though, since many great nail polishes can be found in drug stores, and being high-end doesn't necessarily mean the quality or formula is better!

Anyway, although coral has taken over as my favorite summer color I am still in a fuchsia mood...well, Super Bossa Nova in my opinion is more of a bright raspberry but it still fits the bill for reddish shades I am into! Also I've been getting kind of sick of cremes lately...I love the colors and it's great the first day or 2 but then I get majorly antsy to remove it! One of the things that made me get Super Bossa Nova over another Essie color I really wanted (well, several...all coraly/peachy colors) was because of it's pretty pink shimmer! It's just what I needed to keep my interest and possibly have this color on for more than a couple days!

As expected the formula on Super Bossa Nova was amazing, possibly the best yet! It was very easy to control although it looks a bit messy in the picture, but that's because it's my right hand, meaning I applied with my left it couldn't be helped!

Top: Direct sunlight. Bottom: Shade under a tree.
Don't mind my cuticles, they are terrible right now...this is actually my good hand, my other hand has 2 band-aids over my cuticles :(


  1. I went back to Raileys and bought all the Hip jellies. Get back to me and maybe we can arrange a swap or something!!

  2. @ Tania - Sure thing! Dunno what you'd want to swap me for though...I do have some drugstore things I could probably part with? Let me know :).

  3. Yeah, I went back for the other two I didn't get(Succulent and Delectable) and decided to get extras in case you still wanted them. Are you on Make Up Alley so we can swap there? If not, we can just arrange it through e-mail.