Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Almost There...

Well my makeup bag is getting a bit better... believe it or not this IS actually better. I took out all the lip gloss I had as well as eyeshadow. I'll have to take a picture of how I organized all my makeup in the bathroom later, I didn't think to take a picture after I finished organizing it last night. I really want one of the makeup organizers that I saw at Target last night, but it was like $10 and it's not like I don't have anything (that I got cheaper at Daiso too) to organize with so I just couldn't justify it right now... At least I know where I can get something like that now :).

After organizing I realized I actually don't have all that many lip glosses, which is good in a way because I was feeling a bit guilty every time I get a new one because I already had a lot! Now if there is a lip gloss I want I don't feel like I am wasting money on it so much. Also with this new way of using my lip gloss (not hoarding them in my purse) I might actually use them all more often to even further justify getting more >:D

Anyways, I just couldn't part with all my lip treatments, so I put the bulk of them in my makeup least I actually use those things, unlike lip gloss which I really only need 1 of at a time.

Of course I still need several items readily available in the inside pocket of my purse, but ever so slightly less, and I've decided to take my Rosebud Salve off my desk and keep it in my purse instead since it's so good and I don't want to only be able to use it at work.

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  1. I love peeking inside other gal's makeup bags! Mine is filled with glosses, chapsticks, lotion, hand sanitizer, and tons of pills (allergies, advil, etc.) the whole makeup bag weighs my purse down quite a bit!