Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Help! I Hoard Makeup in My Purse!!

I am having a bit of a makeup crisis lately, by that I mean I always get more (especially things I am really weak for like lip gloss) and I always hoard it in my purse.

Beleive it or not, this is the contents of my makeup bag AFTER weeding out a ton of lip glosses. After some thinking, and going over it with friends I think I'll just leave the blush (which I apply after I get to work because I do the bare minimum at home), tweezers, mirror, lotion, blotting papers and brush/combs and rotate through lip glosses.

Here is my big issue, these are my "can't live without/use often" items, which I keep in a pocket in my purse to get to easily.

I feel like this is also a bit much but I like to have a bit of everything just in case, and I love them all it's so hard to choose! This is actually after weeding things out and putting them in the makeup bag...I moved the Fresh Sugar Plum and the Tarte 24.7. They would actually still be part of this group but it didn't fit in the pocket of my purse any more, and the other pocket was a little too big so they'd fall out.

At least with lip gloss I don't always feel like wearing it so it'd be a little easier to choose one per day, but sometimes I end up using all of these things at some point in the day (after another item wears off of course).

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