Friday, May 6, 2011

Milani Baked Blushes + 3D Glitzy Glamor Gloss

Finally I am getting around to updating, jeez! Finally got back into the groove. I guess I wasn't feeling it for a little while, I couldn't think of where to start!

I love these goodies from Milani so I wanted to spread the love...the lip glosses, not so much (not that they are bad), but I definitely want to talk a bit about the blushes. I don't actually have any high-end blushes to compare them to, but the pigmentation and lasting power is amazing. A little goes a long way, and lasts me the whole day! The glosses are not bad, the effect is nice but the glitter is a bit gritty. These are nice when you want your lips to sparkle and pop :). Ok, but back to the blush...amaaaazing. I have 3 colors; Corallina, Pink Dolche and Berry Amore. Corallina is my favorite, it's a bright coral that is just pink enough and has such a pretty shimmer. Pink Dolce is a baby/candy pink with gold shimmer which is something I love love LOVE. Berry Amore is a darker color, even though it's called berry and looks berry in the pan. Weird, but it's a nice color anyway :).

As usual, please click on the pictures to enlarge for all the detail!

Corallina blended on my cheek with my finger.

Heavy swatches in different light to show the color/sparkles. Front to back: Corallina, Berry Amore and Pink Dolce.

Front to back: Corallina, Pink Dolce, Berry Amore.

Opposite of the previous pic :).

Swatch of the lip glosses. Left to Right: In Vogue, Fashion Diva. Fashion Diva is the one to get if you had to choose only one. Definitely the neatest in the line minus Movie Star which is pretty impossible to find in a store.


  1. I want to get these Milani items too but for some reason the gaudy gold packaging turns me off...

  2. ct1980 - Maybe you can depot them? The product is so nice it'd be a shame to pass it over because of the packaging. Well the lipgloss is not too necessary but the blush is just so great.

  3. perhaps I will suck it up next time I'm in that neck of the woods (the US I mean) they seem to fail with selling these products in Canada as far as I can tell.

  4. At least get Corallina to try, then maybe later you can either order them or pick them up on another trip. But Corallina is really lovely, if you like corals!