Sunday, May 22, 2011

Benefit B.Right Sampler Kit

Lately I've really been trying to take better care of my face, using a nice face wash every evening and using moisturizer. I was just using whatever moisturizer which was laying around, a Clinique one that I got in a GWP a while back...but it did pretty much nothing at all for the dry patches on my face, which are really quite dry and flaky. I got this little Benefit b.Right sampler kit at the Benefit counter at Macy*s to try out, it was $12 and 2 of the containers are glass so I figured if it was as fail at least I have a couple cute bottles!

I think my favorite out of the bunch (and as it seems, most peoples') is the "Refined Finish Facial Polish" as it seems to have the most obvious effect. It's also the best exfoliator I've used in that you can feel it working but your face isn't raw afterwards. Generally if my face wasn't raw in the past the exfoliator wasn't very effective anyway.

I really like both of the moisturizers, the "Triple Action Facial Emulsion" is very nice and lightweight while the "Total Moisture Facial Cream" (in the pot) is thick and luxurious. I think the Emulsion is best suited for day while the Cream is better for night. I don't want to get them all because they are on the pricey side (except for the Polish, which is actually a decent deal), but I might end up doing so as they both have their merits for different times of day...and I can't really see myself using one at the other time of day. Both of them eliminate my dry patches all day long, I only apply the Emulsion in the morning and the Cream at night.


  1. I've been using Hope oil-free spf 30 and I love it. It's lasted me so long, but I'm nearing the end. Last time I was at Sephora one of the SA's gave me sample of Triple Action Facial Emulsion and I was sure I'd love it because it was so light and it smelled amazing on the back of my hand. Then I tried wearing it and I couldn't handle the smell, it is SUPER strong.
    It's sad because it's cheaper than HOPE. I'm glad it worked for you. I'm going to try one from Boots before I decide whether to buy more HOPE(pricey!).

  2. @ Tania - I am also looking for my HG moisturizer, even though I like this one the full size isn't so big but the price is a bit high for me. I'm sorry the smell was so bad for you, I was actually surprised because I thought the scent of this line isn't too bad since I am usually pretty sensitive to smells. I wonder if some batches are stronger smelling than others or something

  3. @Tammie, maybe it was the batch or maybe a day when my sense of smell was especially sensitive. Those little bottles are too cute though.

  4. Yeah I dunno, I haven't sniffed any but mine yet. I also heard others complain of the smell too though.

    The bottles are what made me buy this set haha. I figured even if I don't like the stuff inside the bottles would be worth the $12~