Friday, June 17, 2011

Spring/Summer Color Obsessions

Ok, so I started to go on about this on Twitter but I think I want to blab about it a bit more on the blog to expand on it.

Eyes: Mostly neutrals. Sometimes with a little hot pink, blue, teal or green on the outer corner as a bit of an accent. I haven't been feeling mascara too much for the past week or so for some reason, so I've been leaving my lashes bare.

Lips: BRIGHT BRIGHT BRIGHT! I've been huuuge on bright lips ever since I found out I could pull it off (yay for cheap NYC and Wet n Wild lipsticks to experiment with). My absolute favorites have been fuchsia with a blue cast to it and coral!

Cheeks: I don't really have a lot, but of course CORAL CORAL CORAL haha. I've also been into bright "dolly" pinks, light pink but bright.

Nails: Coral again, of course! I don't actually OWN any but I am trying to change that very soon :). Also pink and sea-foam green. Lately I've been into gold but it feels like sort of a phase and not an obsession!

Overall I think I've just been crazy about fuchsia with a blue cast and coral. I've just been rabid for those colors!! I am still amazed that they are flattering on me. I'd wear them every day if I could (well, COULD but I like to change it up).


  1. My colour obsession would be Coral this season. Lovely post! ^^
    New follower. Hope you can follow back:

  2. @ Shang - Coral is so awesome :). Thanks! Followed you back, thanks for your follow!!

  3. You mentioned sea-foam green, so I was wondering if you've tried Essie Absolutely Shore. I really want it!! I also want Super Bossa Nova and Brazilliant, of course! (I just bought Smooth Sailing)

  4. @ Tania - I haven't tried it but I already have SOOOO many of that kind of green that I think I am not going to try Absolutely Shore. I also want Super Bossa Nova and Smooth Sailing (if anything I'll get Smooth Sailing since it's a very me color that I don't think I'd want to take off after a day, actually I MAY just get it next week MAYBE). I just got Your Hut or Mine from the smaller and tougher to find Essie Summer 2011 Resort collection off of Amazon.

  5. Omg I want Your Hut or Mine now! It's on my list now!

  6. @ Tania - It's so pretty, I can't wait to get it in the mail and try it out :) I got a $5 from CVS so I am going to pick up Smooth Sailing today xD