Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Some New Goodies

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately, I've been busy watching/thinking about Doctor Who pretty much every waking moment when not working! I'll try to be better, since I am finally almost caught up :).

I recently found a wonderful diptych app for my phone, which also helps me out quite a bit with pictures for my blog since I can just upload one picture with several shots in it :). Love it! Of course if I need to put separate pictures I still will, but I think this makes everything more compact and easy to see. Especially if I do comparisons (not that I really have yet though, but whatev!)


First off we have L'Occitane Pivoine Flora in Cerise which is a very nice darker red with subtle shimmer. For some reason I can't make it smooth on my lips half the time, but the formula is very moist and glossy.

However THIS is my favorite of the two, and is much more wearable on a daily basis. L'Occitane Pivoine Flora in Fushcia. It's pretty sheer but gives a very nice color to your lips again with a subtle shimmer. It's nice and buildable too although it never gets super bright. The formula is amazingly moisturizing for a lipstick. I love it. My only complaint is that the cardboard cap is a bit loose. I don't feel like cardboard makes it cheap or anything, but it would be nice if it had something to hold it on there a bit better.

A couple weeks ago I did this really need sorta skittles (thumb and accent nail are both the same color so it's not exactly skittles) manicure with Milani Holographic polishes just because I wanted something fun and sparkly! Even though I haven't had this on in a while I thought I'd share it still, since it looked so pretty in the sunlight.

I love this stuff, it's the Hello Kitty x Sephora Apple Balm, unfortunately the container is TERRIBLE and just sucks at opening, so I had to depot it losing it's charm and Hello Kitty-ness. Good thing the balm is amazing and wonderfully pigmented otherwise I'd be disappointed.


  1. How did I not know about these L'Occitane lipsticks? They're adorable! They definitely remind me of the paper case Paul & Joe lippies.

    BTW, I love your mani in the first photo! I have ribbon that looks exactly like that. <3

  2. @ Tania - go pick them up, they are only $15/ea.!! At least get Fuschia, it's amazing. Yeah the paper case reminds me of Paul & Joe too although I hope the P&J ones are more snug.

    Haha thanks :). I liked that one too, I have to do dots more often!

  3. You did the dots yourself, free hand?! I'm terrible at making polka dots... :(

  4. @ Tania - Well, I used a dotting tool. It's not too hard with that, just have to figure out how much polish to use. It looks good in the pic but IRL it wasn't that great haha.