Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mini CVS Deal Haul

Today I was able to use my CVS was only $2 though so I didn't get to go crazy like I was hoping! At least I was able to get 2 things since the Rimmel Lash Maxx mascara was 75% off which is nuts, it was originally almost $10 and ended up being about $2.75. Hopefully the other one is still there tomorrow, I really want to pick it up since this is actually pretty good stuff! That one had a busted up brush though, so I am hoping nobody is desperate enough to buy it.

I also got a Milani blush in Sweet Rose which is the only one they had there...if I see any of the other colors I might pick at least one more up since it's really pigmented and not TOO bad of a price at $6.50. Sweet Rose is a nice dusty rose color with a matte finish, it's good for a more natural understated look. I prefer something darker and/or more shimmery so I would really like to try another color if I can find it.

Comparison, one eye "naked" one with the mascara.

Another comparison :).

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