Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ulta 40% Off Sale Haul

After hearing about the 40% off sale on a few brands (NYX, Maybelleine, Revlon, Almay) I headed off to Ulta earlier tonight!

I always use those Almay eye makeup remover pads, so I figured I might as well get the big one on sale....usually I don't get useful things when there are fancy sales, but I'm glad I did!

I'd been wanting to get Revlon Cloud for a while, it's a very very light lavender polish, I like it a lot but I definitely still want a darker one. I also got Ocean which is a shimmery teal, not too unusual but it's super shimmery! They also had a scented one called Ocean Breeze but I am so sensitive to smells sometimes I thought it'd be better to not get it...I am still curious what it's supposed to smell like though.

I don't usually care for lipstick and 99.9% of the time stick to gloss, but I have kind of been thinking lately about starting to get lipstick, but I don't have any idea what's a good one to get that isn't too drying which is in general my issue with lipstick. Anyways, I got Revlon Temptress, lipstick version since I have the matching nail polish (both from the Fire and Ice collection). I love retro so I figured I couldn't go wrong. The color seems very pretty, pink with shimmer, much like it's matching nail polish. I haven't used it on my lips yet but I have swatched it on my arm (below).

Last but not least I got Maybelline's mousse blush in Pink Frosting. From what I can tell by swatching on my arm (below) it's a very cute/barbie pink with a bunch of golden shimmer, almost glittery in a way. I think it's really cute but I think the real test is when I wear it during the day. I love pink and gold blush so I am sure I will like it, but usually the shimmer is a bit more subtle so we'll see. I think I can get away with it though since I'm 25...somebody who is a bit older may want to see if they can get a less sparkly color. For some reason I was shocked by how the consistency was actually that of a mousse, very airy! I wonder how it will go down the road, like for instance how long will this pot of product last me? If it doesn't last very long at all I probably won't repurchase, if I like it a lot I may get it in a more natural color down the line (I'd prefer on sale but I am not going back to Ulta before Saturday and I need to cool it a bit)!

Lighter swatch = blush, darker = lipstick. Click to see a bigger picture.

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