Friday, April 8, 2011

Misa Dirty Sexy Money, NOTD & Review

After hearing so much good stuff about Misa Dirty Sexy Money and being a lover of this type of color I had to pick up a bottle off of eBay. This color is discontinued so if you want it you need to head over to eBay as well, or try and find it elsewhere. The price wasn't TOO bad though.

Dirty Sexy Money is a lovely dusty green with a bit of a blue tinge to it. It sounds like it's supposed to be the color of money, but as my husband pointed out it's more like the color of the Statue of Liberty. Regardless of what it resembles it's a very pretty color though. The formula was slightly runny but still controllable and pictured is 2 medium-thick coats as you all know that is pretty unusual for me so yeah, the formula is nice and opaque.

EDIT: So this is the morning after application and sadly I noticed a bunch of bubbles so I had to do another layer...but that's so weird, I know it's not me because I've done tons of creme NOTDs that had no bubbles. Luckily this color is worth the trouble but I am still a bit disappointed :/

In natural light.

All 3 pictures in direct artificial light.


  1. Dirty sexy... liberty? xD It looks lovely though!

  2. Hehe :). Thanks, it is lovely xD