Thursday, April 7, 2011

NOTD & Review: Zoya Breezi

So after removal I opted to go for the furthest thing from a glitter, a creme. I love my glitter polishes but holy cannoli maybe I will limit glitter polishes for my toes (which I don't change as often).

ANYWAY, the reason I am making this post before my backlog of posts is that I am having a weird issue with this polish. It went on like a buttery dream, opaque in one coat but I did 2 just in case (I always do 3 so this is a big deal) however this morning it seems like just looking at the polish has caused it to chip (right thumb and ring finger) and get a gash that spans the whole nail (left thumb). The chips on the right were a bit weird but I did hit/scratch my hand on something relatively rough so I didn't fret about it too much, but the gash on the left thumb really weirded me out as all I did to get it was reach into a box of sugar packets and get a handful of them out. I didn't touch the cardboard or anything, just other sugar packets. WTF? It's also scuffing like crazy.

I think I may have to begrudgingly go back to Seche Vite after I am done with the bottle of Poshe since I can only blame the top issue was enough (with the polish on my thumbs peeling off earlier) but two really makes me wonder. I never had ANY chipping or anything at all before. I might just start pouring the Seche Vite into the Poshe bottle or something so that I have the perks of the bottle, since that was the main reason for switching anyway (I didn't mind that I'd have to get Seche Restore eventually).

I do have to mention though that like I said earlier application was absolutely perfect, and I just love the color so I do reccomend Zoya Breezi since I am not sure if it's the top coat that caused the issues anyway.

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