Sunday, February 20, 2011

Milani Holos Pt. 2

Last night I picked up a couple more Milani Holos, HD (silver) and Hi-Res (purple) and I think I am just going to get the other 2 today because why the heck not and I freaking love holos xD. I still like the linear holo effect better, but these are really pretty for being scattered, and cheaper than other holos with a similar effect so I figured I might as well get them all.

I managed to capture the holo effect pretty nicely using a lamp finally (been raining like crazy here lately). I'll try to get another pic of it in the sun at some point too. It's a little bit hard to see still in these pics, but they all have a decent rainbow/holo effect although it's not nearly as strong as a DS etc.

From left to right: Hi-Res, Digital, Cyberspace, HD.

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