Thursday, February 17, 2011

OPI PotC Stranger Tides Collection

OPI is releasing a collection of nail polishes for the new Pirates of The Caribbean movie coming out in May, and while I am not so excited about the movie I am VERY excited about the nail polish collection!

At first I thought I'd like Mermaid Tears (sea-foam green), Sparrow Me The Drama (darkish bright pink) and Planks a Lot (purple) most but then I saw some swatches (@ The Beauty Bite) and realized they were a bit too bright for me but Steady as She Rose (light pink) is a really pretty pastel and Skull & Glossbones (A really light khaki) is also a nice light color that I don't have in my collection yet. I am still on the fence about Stranger Tides (kind of a mossy/murky green) because I have Essie Sew Psyched which is kind of an army/khaki green. I am just not sure how similar the two are, although Stranger Tides seems a bit greener/brighter from what I can tell.

(Top: Skull & Glossbones, Steady as She Rose, Planks a Lot.
Bottom: Sparrow Me The Drama, Stranger Tides, Mermaid Tears)

Of course my most anticipated one is the Silver Shatter, I already love Black Shatter as an easy way to spice up a manicure but a metallic is even better! To be honest I don't usually like dark nail colors, so once Silver Shatter comes out I'll probably use it even more (although probably before that I'll have the China Glaze crackles, so we'll see).

The wonderful thing about Silver Shatter is that silver goes with pretty much anything, so I think when it's released I'll have to get 2 bottles, I foresee myself using it a lot.
I also heard that OPI is going to release a White Shatter at some point, and if it's pretty opaque I might pick it up. I am just so obsessed with crackles right now, just because I don't usually have the time or patience to make pretty designs and I haven't picked up a Konad set yet (hopefully I will soon though) so when all you have to do is paint the crackle on as normal and voila you have an interesting design I am totally sold.


  1. Wow the Pirates collection is really pretty. I'm definitely all for the light pink, khaki, and green. I also like that they're doing more than just black for the shatter. I want to try it but black combined with the shatter effect is way too "edgy" for my look.

  2. Aw, Tammie, your blog is so cute! I've never seen the shatter effect before--very cool.