Monday, February 21, 2011

Retail Therapy Nail Haul

Aside from the eyeshadow palettes I also got 2 Mood Swing color changing nail polish and some nail stickers tonight.

I haven't tried the polish yet, but I used the stickers on my existing manicure since it fits really nicely with the color, Essie Coat Azure. The other fingers are Essie French Affair with Nubar 2010 on top. I have a hard time with Cremes on their own.

Sorry about the messy fingers. Cremes hate me. This is AFTER clean up >.>.

The stickers:

Mood Swing nail polishes:

My camera decided it didn't want to focus on the caps, oops...but you can see the left one is Romantic/Relaxed (peachy pink with gold shimmer when cool, light shimmery gold when warm) and Passionate/Shy (teal when cool, more green when warm?). Luckily I like teal but it seems like Romantic/Relaxed is the neater of the two.

I've only swatched these on a nail wheel, but they seem to dry quickly and matte as is par for the course with color changing polishes. Romantic/Relaxed was a little streaky but I think it might end up on my nails very soon...

Everything is getting so washed out with the pictures I took with my camera...maybe I'll stick to my cell phone pictures for now...

EDIT: Here is a cell phone pic I took after dipping it half way into hot water, the tips are the hot of course :). I still can't capture the greenish/teal but good enough for now...

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  1. Whoa. O__O Color-changing nail polish? I need it. The pink one is really pretty!