Monday, February 21, 2011

Retail Therapy Eyeshadow Pallete Haul

So I was having kind of an off day today, it was a holiday here in the US (President's Day) and I had to work even though most people (who also work in offices anyway) had the day off. Of course that wasn't all, it was also freezing at work all day because the maintainance people were off for the holiday so we had to use space heaters...that wasn't the worst of it though, I also got my first ever ticket in my 7 years of driving T_T. At least it was just for being on the phone so I don't get any points against my license and all that but still I was in a pretty bad/depressed mood for the rest of the day.

So how do I remedy this you ask? Retail therapy of course. I didn't see any fancy makeup that interested me (and I looked all over Sephora) so I went to Icing instead to try out their stuff, and I think I made out pretty well considering it all ended up costing about as much as 1 thing from Sephora lol. I got 2 Flaunt eye palettes, a 30 color Icing brand eye palette, nail stickers (on sale) and 2 Mood Swing mood changing nail polishes.

These Flaunt palettes were buy one get one 1/2 off, well the whole Flaunt line was. I was in the mood for eye palettes since I was talking about them to Alissa this afternoon.

The first set here is the Flaunt French Riviera palette, I love the colors here and I can see myself using them often, no they are not the brightest colors ever but I do not like super bright eyes so it's fine by me, and not bad for $7.50 considering you get 4 eye shadows, an applicator and a mirror in a cute packaging not unlike fancier brands.

The second one is Flaunt Parisian Plum, this one I really got because it was 1/2 off but it's pretty too and I think I'll use it regularly since the colors aren't too wacky.
Last but not least here is the 30 color palette and from what I can tell so far it's a decent deal at $12.50. There are a couple stand out colors from what I've seen (I haven't tried most of them though). They are the dark one on the bottom left of the top tray (the small ones) and the gold tinged green on the bottom left of the bottom tray (large ones). They are both really nice shimmery duotones that are pretty nicely pigmented for "cheapo" makeup. If the rest of the palette is as nice as those 2 are then I can definitely recommend this set. I am not sure if they have singles of those colors, but if not then this palette might be worth it just for them although they are pretty small, especially the top one.

I am not very good at taking pictures of myself (and please excuse my lack of face makeup, I don't wear it most of the time...I do have on my PF Happy Booster Rose blush on though) but here is my attempt to show off how nice those colors really are. I suck at properly applying eyeshadow so they are pretty blended, but the green is on the lid and I attempted to put the gray/black on the crease and on the outside corners of my eye. I was just itching to try it on so it's even sloppier than usual >.>

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