Thursday, February 24, 2011

Some Improvement!

I think I made a huge jump in improvement with my nail polish application last night, also I used some cuticle gel and pushed back my cuticles which may have helped some. The skin around my nails still looks rough, but at least I got the cuticles fixed somewhat.

I also managed to get more control with the polish and not flood my cuticles and get it all over the skin around my nails, and actually only had to do minor cleanup that wasn't so bad at all. I am proud of myself :p. At least, I actually feel like I can show off my nails more (not that I didn't show them off before) since it looks a lot cleaner. I just have to practice getting a cleaner line around the cuticle and leaving an ever so slightly wider space.

Now on to the actual polish I used! I used Milani Holographic in Hi-Res for my accent finger and Milani Holographic in Cyberspace for the rest. Originally I used the pink/yellow Icing Mood Swing polish on the accent finger, but since my hand is warm it was yellow and didn't look so great with the blue of Cyberspace. Then I put a sticker on it, which warped (maybe I did something wrong...gotta figure that one out) so I just decided to scrap it and wiped the accent nail clean with a very saturated in remover Q-tip.

I also think that having a purple as the accent for blue is better this
time around, since last time I had blue as an accent to pink which was a pretty stark contrast. So this time it's still there but much more subdued, I like it. Still a little "wacky" but not as obviously so.

It's a bit tough to see the holo in this pic, since it's a scattered-type holo but it's there. I think it's more of a soft look with the scattered than the linear which is also nice. It's still rainbow just not as in your face about it. This picture doesn't really represent it well, but it's definitely true what people say about Hi-Res having a stronger holo effect. Cyberspace's is still pretty obvious but Hi-Res' is definitely stronger.

Don't mind the trash can and my sweatshirt sleeve :p.

Yes~! Got a good pic of the holo effect AND how it's stronger on the Hi-Res, all thanks to flash. Yay for iPhone 4 haha.

This about the best representation I can get of the holo effect right now, under my bathroom light.

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