Monday, March 7, 2011

Dollar Tree Haul

Last week I checked out the nicer (and huge!) Dollar Tree, while they didn't have a HUGE selection (this being my first time there I haven't seen it before, maybe it was a good selection) they had a few things I wanted to try out such as the LA Colors Art Deco nail art polishes. I still have to get used to using them, but they are a fun thing to have handy for when you have an idea for some nail art! I also got a little pedicure set, mostly for the toe spacers (my last pedicure was ruined by my toes touching) and the nail brush.

Again I forgot the name of the polish I got, it's in the same LA Colors Color Craze series as the other 2, and like them the name was only on the discarded packaging and all I can remember is that it was related to electricity. Anyway, it's a very pretty blue with green shimmer, like all the other popular mermaid-esque polishes right now. Very pretty and you can't go wrong with it at $1!!!

Back: Pedicure set
L-R: LA Colors Color Craze polish, LA Colors Art Deco polish in silver, blue, purple glitter and pink

The "mermaid" color from LA Colors

I hope to get back to documenting my NOTD soon, I've been sick this past week...first it started off as a mild cold which then morphed into pretty bad allergies (maybe my immune system took a hit from the cold) that is doing a number on my nose by making it super sensitive. I can barely stand the smell of nail polish for a small while, not to mention remover. The growth is starting to bother me at the cuticle too :'(. *sad burger*

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