Wednesday, March 23, 2011

NOTD: Essie Coat Azure & Maybelline Denim

After my super busy 80's/early 90's nails I decided to do a palate cleanser in my favorite nail color--blue. This time I kept the accent nail (of's like I HAVE to do it...) but just made it a darker shade of blue in a similar finish (shimmer).

Sorry it's really messy, I wasn't able to do it until like midnight last night and by then my patience was really dropping off and I was getting pretty sleepy as well. Thank goodness for Seche Vite, without it I wouldn't have had time to do my nails! Not too shabby either, since I did 3 coats of both colors.

I've worn Essie Coat Azure before, but only as an accent. It's a really lovely color so I've been wanting to wear it as the main color for a while. I love the dusty blue shade and the subtle silvery shimmer that adds some good dimension to it. I'll get cremes if I really love the colors, but I really prefer something a little more fun like a shimmer since it's still pretty chill, but also a little more fun and pretty than a creme. When I wear a creme 1/2 the time I have an urge to add a shatter/flakie/glitter to it even if I like it how it is, just because it's so stark.

Maybelline Denim is actually not it's whole name, there is another word but I forgot it. I got this one on clearance at Target for a couple bucks and it was the nicest clearance color there so I figured 'why not?'. It is actually a really pretty navy blue shimmer that is a surprisingly deep color. The shimmer is a similar blue so it's pretty subtle but when the light hits it you can really see the depth.

In direct bathroom light.

Flash to show the shimmer.

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