Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NOTD: Zoya Adina

I recently got a couple colors from Zoya's BOGO on their summer line, Mira for my mom and Breezi for myself. However instead of getting those, I got somebody else's order for Adina in the mail. I talked to Danielle over Zoya's live chat and she told me I could keep Adina and they'd send me my correct order as well. Since Adina was on my short list (only 3 on it) of Zoya polishes I wanted to get, I am definitely happy about this turn of events. Sure, I have to wait a bit longer for the polishes I ordered, but I also ended up getting a free polish and saving $8+shipping!!

Anyhow, I know Adina has been reviewed/swatched to death by now...but it can't hurt to have one more...right? I don't have enough duotones in my collection, and this one is a classic so it's perfect!

Indoors, mix of natural and fluorescent lighting.