Saturday, March 26, 2011

OPI "Do You Think I'm Tex-y" Sorbet

I was interested in trying a "Sorbet" (which is essentially just a jelly but renamed...) from OPI's Texas collection after seeing some swatches. Not feeling the other colors I decided to go for Do You Think I'm Tex-y, which I'd describe as a strawberry red in artificial light and fuchsia in natural light, it's very pretty and I don't usually wear red...this might even be my first/only! My only beef with it is that although my nails are very short I still get VNL after 4 coats...and any imperfections left from my last manicure (in this case a bit of blue I missed when removing my old polish) are starkly viewable...

I wouldn't say I'd never wear this polish again, it IS very pretty and I like the jelly effect a lot (aside from the VNL) so I am sure come summer this will make it into the rotation since it feels very "fresh" and "juicy" in a way that makes me understand why OPI decided to call it "Sorbet" but I don't think I'll be buying more in the future unless it's a need-to-have color like teal or sea-foam green. Or maybe if they made it a bit more pigmented/opaque.

Because I didn't do an accent nail and I can't leave well enough alone (didn't want it to look weird since I don't really have any other jellies) I decided to try a little splash of sparklies (from Essence) and use my silver LA Colors Art Deco polish to make a little doesn't look bad but I'm not in love with it, oh well...I'll just redo my nails tonight!

Also it was rather late, and the formula of the sorbet was a bit runny so don't mind my paint job, I didn't have the patience to leave a gap between my cuticle and the polish this time.

The bottle.

In direct artificial light.

In natural light.

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