Thursday, March 10, 2011

NOTD OPI DS Sapphire + Hard Candy Beetle

Oh man, this manicure has been a comedy of errors!! It looks ok here, but that's because I am covering the nick on my index finger with my thumb, and it's before dry erase board cleaning spray ruined the finish on my middle finger (there is also some red dry erase ink on it too...).

I can't wait to get home and fix everything >.<. These are such pretty polishes too, OPI DS Sapphire is such a pretty light blue holo and Hard Candy Beetle is such a neat duochrome glitter. I just want to be able to really enjoy it. The formula on both polishes was lovely, no issues there although I am going to get a bottle of Seche Restore ASAP as my Seche Vite is getting gloopy and is hard to apply without destroying the still works, I just have to be very careful and work very quickly.

In natural and fluorescent lighting.

I did the flash so you can see the holo effect better.

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