Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mascara, My New Friend + St. Patrick's Day NOTD

So I just started wearing mascara a few days ago, specifically Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion which I like a lot so far. I like the brush a lot! I got it in blackened brown this time, which is nice, but I think I'd like to get it in black next time for a more dramatic look.

Here is what it looks like on, with Urban Decay Sin on the lids (I know it's technically a primer but I got it to use as a brightening shadow) and Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil in Bourbon on the water line...I was careful to not get any sparkles there.

I feel like when I wear the mascara with a brightening eye shadow I don't really need an eyeliner on top, it pops enough. I don't really like eyeliner (other than on the water line) anyways because it's a B**** to get it just right...I always make it too thick etc. etc. Mascara is much easier to get looking right.

I only use the liner on the water line really because I don't like putting mascara on my bottom looks nice but it's just kind of fiddly. I think I'd do it only when going out or something. It only takes a second to put the liner on, and if it rubs off it is no big deal...although I used 24/7 in hopes of it not rubbing off so easily since usually it either rubs or melts off nearly right away!

Last but not least I have my St. Patrick's Day NOTD...I know it's not until tomorrow but I am going to remove it tomorrow night so I decided to have it on at least a day ahead of time so it's not a complete waste. I used a makeup sponge for the gold, I started out trying to make the tips gold, but I messed up so I covered it up with a bit of a gradient. I think this would have come out better if my nails were longer, or if I did the gradient a bit shorter...I'll have to try again though, since it's a fun and pretty easy look. Practice makes perfect :).

I don't know what it is about when I do my nails, but 1/2 the time I end up liking the polish I used on the accent nail better and regret not doing it on all the other nails and having what I did on the other fingers on the accent nail instead...

Gold is Orly Glitz, green is Zoya Shawn and the accent finger is Orly Royal Velvet.


  1. Your eyes look so pretty! I don't always wear eye makeup, but when I do, I am the same as you: mascara only for the top lashes, eye liner only for the bottom lashes.

  2. oooh, green/gold is a cute combo! :D